5 Summer Holiday Activities for Kids to Power Up the Fun

Discover 5 summer holiday activities for kids to enjoy with their families.

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Summer break is officially here! Your kids are no doubt looking for summer activities to keep them active and engaged. In this article, you’ll find several helpful tips on coming up with fun things to do with your family in the summer while sparking new memories along the way.

Summer is the perfect time for parents to build new memories with their children. While the younger generation enjoys some well-deserved moments away from school, fun summer activities provide an opportunity for the adults in their lives to spend quality time with them and strengthen their relationships.

While summer activities for kids may be limited in recent days, playing with school-age children often opens a range of ideas for imaginative adventures. At GP, we want to empower your summer with meaningful moments – and the sufficient power you need to make any experience a life-long memory.

Before you start enjoying any of these activities, make sure you’re fully prepared with a sufficient power supply by discovering our practical tips for the summer holidays. Below are five best summer activities for parents to do with their kids, plus helpful tips to power up the fun.

Hiking & Camping

Hiking and camping offer a much-needed escape from the house. Among the most popular summer activities, hiking and camping are often thought not suitable for young children because they might be too challenging for them. However, this nature-bound excursion gives older children the chance they need to discover the beauty of what lies outside the city and to appreciate the environment around us. You may be wondering, “What are the necessary items for camping?” One of them should be packing batteries for outdoor use.

Tips to power up your adventure:

  • When hiking or camping with children, it’s especially important to know how to pack. Here’s an easy guide: Stash light items you won’t need at the bottom while keeping heavier items (like food and clothing) in the middle and essentials (such as water and first-aid) at the top.
  • Since many essential items can be powered by batteries or a power bank, such as activity trackers, speakers, portable lanterns and cameras, it’s helpful to prepare a waterproof pouch complete with rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries and a power bank to make sure all the electric devices you take on the trip can be fully charged.
  • On top of that, be sure to pack torches for camping, such as a handheld torch or head torch, in case of emergency, or if the day gets dark and you need a light to illuminate the way.
  • Remember, rain and waterfalls happen! So, each bag or backpack should be waterproof.

Going to the Beach

After months of being stuck in a classroom, children of all ages will surely leap for the chance to go on a trip to the beach, and to feel the sea and sand between their toes. Even though it’s usually a hit among kids and their parents, the beach is one of the most memorable summer activities for a reason – and it’s all in the touch. Whether that’s helping a child put on sunscreen, or patting them dry, the beach is all about bringing the family closer and forging those sweet, touching memories.

Tips to power up your beach trip:

  • Rule No. 1: never forget to bring along sunscreen! You don’t want a sunburn especially on your child’s sensitive skin.
  • For those who enjoy taking beautiful shots of beaches and sunsets, be sure to add a power bank for smartphones and some batteries to the backpack.
  • Another essential is the portable fan. It’ll keep you cool and the kids happy.
  • Have your child wear a pair of comfortable sandals on the beach.

Travelling Interstate or Overseas

For families who want to venture beyond the beach or campsite, travelling within Australia or overseas may be the perfect summer holiday activity to create some long-lasting, happy memories with the kids. Whether it leads to exploring a beautiful countryside, or outside the country, travelling provides quality personal time to cherish the special moments with the family.

Tips to power up your vacation:

  • It might be a long ride to your destination, so it’s important to keep your passengers entertained and safe – because a long trip will exhaust children and their parents.
  • Vacations are the best time to capture special moments with your kids, so remember to prepare enough ReCyko Pro batteries for your camera.
  • It’s important to keep your phone fully charged in case of emergency, or simply to check the map. That’s why a fully charged power bank is essential for any vacation.
  • No car ride or adventure should ever go without a torch, in case of emergency or the family decides to do some late-night adventures.

Video Gaming

Who ever said that video games are harmful to children and can negatively affect their relationship with their parents? These days, with game content getting more and more well-designed, educational, and engaging, video games are not just about playing, but also about nurturing a child’s ability to quickly analyse a situation and solve problems. More than ever, parents should be willing to join their children in a bit of light-hearted gaming – and perhaps win that title of being a “cool” mum or dad. Be sure to have the right battery for the gaming controllers.

Tips to power up your child’s gaming:

  • Play together and turn screen time into quality family time. Gaming with your child may offer a chance to bond and pave the way for more conversation.
  • There are times when your child wants to play alone. Give them their personal space but ensure that their gaming does not take over meal time and other essential parts of their lives.
  • Keep your child engaged and fully charged by adding the best rechargeable batteries to their favourite gaming devices.


Why not share your cooking skills and experiences with your children this summer? Cooking is an activity that requires exceptional organisational skills – and it’s an engaging learning (and bonding) experience for children and parents of all ages.

Tips to power up your kitchen for any age:

  • For children under 10: You may want to start by preparing easy dishes with them. Eggs, pancakes and toast are all fun to make – and don’t require any risky equipment.
  • For the parent: It’s important to remember that you’re not only teaching your child how to handle new ingredients and tools but also good nutrition that can help them (and you) with good eating habits for the rest of their lives.
  • For children over 10: You may want to experiment with more adventurous recipes and cooking styles, like pan-frying or baking, while gradually using more complicated equipment.
  • For everyone: A well-organised kitchen can be the place where you and your family bond and create lasting memories for years to come – and there should always be a pack of batteries at hand for any draining gadgets.

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor fun, either way is a great summer holiday idea to have with your family. Remember to bring spare batteries for your electronic devices when going out and about.